HESLB Building | Plot No. 8, Block No. 46, | Sam Nujoma Road, Mwenge

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HESLB Building | Plot No. 8, Block No. 46, | Sam Nujoma Road, Mwenge

Welcome to AAHEFA

Association of African Higher Education Financing Agencies (AAHEFA) was formed with the objective of sharing of information and experiences on common matters and to increase students access to higher education within and outside africa. It also aims at creating a platform for capacity building for its members. the body also seeks to solicit funds for common development projects and facilitating exchange of skills, information, and expertise between members and other organizations related to higher education.  The association seeks to negotiate with donors and other external agencies on matters of common interest. in addition it seeks to harmonize matters relating to higher education financing agencies.

Vision: To Transform Africa through Higher Education Financing

Mission: To be an Association of Excellence for Higher Education Financing Agencies in Africa through Resource Mobilization and Capacity Building.

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