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Goals, Aims and Objectives of AAHEFA

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The objectives of AAHEFA are;

  • To share experience and information on common matters and to increase students’ access to higher education finance within and outside Africa.
  • To solicit funds for common development projects.
  • To create a platform for capacity building of its member.
  • To facilitate exchange of skills, information and expertise between members and other organizations related to Higher Education.
  • To facilitate cooperation and open up links between higher education Financing Agencies of Africa and other alike organizations.
  • To negotiate with donors or such other external agencies on mater of common interest.
  • To harmonize matters relating to Higher Education Financing Agencies among the member where necessary.
  • To serve as data bank for issues relating to Higher Education Students Financing.
  • To provide consultancy on formation of financing agencies and appropriate ICT.
  • Training facilitators for Higher Education Students Financing
  • To acquire such other assets in the furtherance of the common objectives.
  • To do such other things and perform such other tasks as deemed necessary and or helpful in the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

Main Goals

  • Benchmarking
  • Capacity Building
  • Bargaining power (Funding/Legislative & Policy etc)
  • Increase GHE Index (equity)
  • Mobilization of resources (funding) for self-sustainability and programme funding.

AAHEFA Strategic Objectives

AAHEFA Strategic Plan has identified several Strategic Goals as enumerated below and broken down into the relevant strategic objectives:

Strategic Goal 1: Benchmarking, and capacity building

Strategic Objective 1: To develop policies and frameworks to be adopted by member countries by December 2013:

Strategic Objective 2: To build institutional capacity of the members through annual trainings, consultancies and staff exchanges.

Strategic Objective 3: Improve leadership, institutional management and the policy environment of African higher education financing

Strategic Objective 4: To achieve a strong voice by aligning the association with strong advocacy bodies e.g. SADC, COMESA, AU, AAU, etc.

Strategic Objective 5: To promote regional integration by bringing 5 new members annually.

Strategic Goal 2: Leverage Common Interest to increase access to Higher Education

Strategic Objective 6: To enhance collaboration by establishing relationships with at least 2 other financing agencies globally

Strategic Objective 7: Increase access to Higher Education

Strategic Goal 3. Mobilization of resources (funding) for self-sustainability & programme funding

Strategic Objective 8: To increase resource mobilization for self-sustenance and programme

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